2nd Women in Law Conference, hosted by NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI

9 Μαΐου, 2024

Exciting news! We are proud to announce our sponsorship of the upcoming 2nd Women in Law Conference, hosted by NOMIKI BIBLIOTHIKI. For the second year running, we are thrilled to be part of an event dedicated to empowering women in the legal field.

Join us for a day packed with enriching discussions and valuable insights. Our Head of Legal, Olga Eftychidou, will be participating in the panel on “Female Leadership”, alongside esteemed professionals. Together we will explore the unique qualities women bring to leadership roles in the legal sector, fostering diversity and empowerment within our teams.

We are eager to reconnect with fellow trailblazers and industry experts, and together let’ s continue to uplift, inspire and advance women in law.

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