4th Annual Summit NPL Greece 2023, by SmithNovak | Happening now

8 Ιουνίου, 2023

Happening Now!

We are at the 4th Annual NPL Greece 2023 by Smith Novak, taking place in Grand Hyatt Athens Hotel, where our Legal Collections Manager, Christos Nassios, is moderating the panel of #Technology with distinguished professionals, like Antonios Bayias, Advisor to the Board, Relational, GR; Nikos Patsiogiannis, Co-founder & COO, Prosperty Solutions, GR; Panos Tsoumpas CTO, Cepal, GR; Titos Skourtsis, Business Development & Sales Director, QUALCO, GR; and Julia Elmaloglou,, Head of major accounts, Archeiothiki.

Moreover, our Operations Manager, Stamatis Foteinogiannopoulos is participating in the panel of the #Secondary Market, moderated by Nikos Fragos, Partner, Banking & Finance, Karatzas & Partners, GR, to discuss along with Ioannis Sakarelis, Business Development Manager Greece/Cyprus, Debitos, GR, Paul Tzelepis, Head of Business Development, Copernicus Hellas, Copernicus, GR, Panagiotis Gkioumes, Director – Financial Services, Grant Thornton, GR.

What are the opportunities and challenges in the Greek Secondary market and what should an investor be looking for? All the answers in the panel!

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