GLI: Employment and Labour Laws and Regulations 2023

June 22, 2023

We are delighted to announce that we are the exclusive contributors to GLI: Employment and Labour Law 2023, first published by Global Legal Group.

Our associates Nikolaos Katiforis, Ifigeneia Diamantopoulou and Aikaterini Chalka analyze the general labor market and litigation trends in Greek labor and employment law, describing the legislative changes and significant reforms by referencing the pertinent case law and a variety of sources that range from domestic statutes and decrees to international conventions, as well as working practices and customs.

Labor law is one of our areas of practice, with our specialized employment team combining legal expertise with profound experience in employment law issues.

This article was first published in GLI – Employment & Labour Law 2023 and to read it please follow this link:

Σιούφας & Συνεργάτες | Γιώργος Σιούφας | Μάριος Σιούφας

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