Greece Investment Summit 2024 organized by GECI events | Full interview

June 20, 2024

We were delighted to take part in the Greece Investment Summit 2024, an event that united industry leaders, investors, and experts to delve into the wide array of business opportunities in the Greek market. It was a virtual Marvel. Congratulations Mayank Chhatwal and GECI Events. The summit offered a valuable platform for networking, knowledge sharing and exploring investment potential in Greece, particularly in the immense real estate sector.

At this platform, our own Attorney-at-Law, Apostolos Parthenis, engaged in a one-to-one discussion with host Mayank Chhatwal. During their exchange, Apostolos highlighted our firm’s key areas of expertise and discussed emerging investment opportunities in Greece whilst offering practical advice for newer investors.

Veena Tzotzolaki, Katerina Gkana, Kousthubha

Σιούφας & Συνεργάτες | Γιώργος Σιούφας | Μάριος Σιούφας

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