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Sioufas and Associates Law firm was established in 2005 by its two managing partners, Mr. George Sioufas and Mr. Marios Sioufas. Since its establishment, our law firm has served mainly clients within the banking industry and represented almost all Greek banks in litigation cases, before the Greek courts.

Our law firm has been providing legal services to all major Greek financial institutions, servicers, and foreign investment funds and has been widely acknowledged by all Greek banks as a leading law firm in the banking law sector.

We provide legal advice on banking law, due diligence services on NPL portfolios, and specialized services of added value (i.e. property title checks, monitoring third-party auctions, post-auction legal services, legal indexing, review of legal representations, etc).

Furthermore, our specialized banking law litigation team represents financial institutions in both out of court and court dispute resolution case.

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Banking & Finance

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