The main Real Estate Taxes in Greece

January 18, 2022

The main taxes associated with the ownership and transfer of property in Greece are:

  1. The Unified Property Ownership Tax (EN.F.I.A.): It is the tax imposed by the State on all property owners for each property over which they have a right in rem (full ownership, bare ownership, usufruct, housing) on 1st January each year. It is an annual tax and its amount is determined by various factors (e.g. square meters, floor, age of building, zone price (objective value). For the purchase and sale of a property, one of the documents required to be presented for the notarial deed is a certificate of non-debt of EN.F.I.A.
  2. The Real Estate Duty (TAP): The amount of the said fee is fixed by decision of the municipal or community council and varies from 0,25/000 to 0,35/000 and is unified for the whole of the relevant administrative region. This fee is collected through electricity bills. In purchase and sale transactions, one of the certificates that the seller should present to the notary public is the Certificate of non-debt of TAP, which is issued by the competent municipality.
  3. The Special Tax on Real Estate (EFA): According to Law 3091/2002, the following (among others) persons are liable to submit a declaration of special tax on real estate: Legal entities and legal persons who, on 1st January of the tax year, have full or partial ownership or usufruct rights in real estate located in Greece and do not fall under one of the exceptions expressly and restrictively mentioned in article 15 of Law 3091/2002. Regardless of, they are exempt from tax or not, capital companies (societe anonyme, limited liability companies and private capital companies), having as their scope, according to their articles of association, the purchase, management, investment and exploitation of real estate, regardless of whether they have income from this activity, are obliged to submit a relevant declaration. From the year 2010 and for each subsequent year, the tax rate is 15% on the value of real estate, as determined in Article 17 of Law 3091/2002. In case of transfer of ownership or usufruct of real estate, the new owner or usufructuary is jointly and fully liable for the payment of the pro rata share of the tax due.
  4. The Property Transfer Tax (FMA): It is the tax that is levied on the buyer and amounts to 3% of either the objective value of the property or the agreed price (whichever is the higher). In practice, when the collection of all other required documents has been completed, the notary public draws up a Declaration of Property Transfer Tax, which is signed by both the seller and the buyer and submitted to the competent Tax Office. The tax office calculates the amount of tax and a payment identification card is issued so that the buyer proceeds with the payment. The above procedure is now done electronically and upon completion, the relevant Certificate of the payment of the property transfer tax is issued and presented by the buyer to the notary.
  5. Contract Registration Costs: The transfer of the purchase and sale agreement is completed upon its registration at the competent land registry / cadastre. The registration costs are proportional and are calculated on the amount of the agreed price or the objective value (on the higher amount in any case). They amount up to approximately 5.5-6.5/1000 (including costs for issuing the relevant certificates) plus VAT 24% (depending on whether it is a paid or unpaid land registry or cadastre).
  6. Cadastre fees: In case that in the area where the transferred property is located, a cadastral office is not operated yet, but the cadastral registration is upon procedure, the fees for its declaration amount to 35€ per right on transferred property (except for plots of land and independent parking lots and warehouses for which an amount of 20€ per right is paid).
  7. The Capital Gains Tax: The said tax is paid by the seller and amounts to 15% on the transfer price.
  8. The Real Estate Income Tax: In cases of lease, the taxation of lease amounts is self-assessed and the tax rate is calculated as follows: For income a) 0-12,000€ 15%, b) 12,001-35,000€ 35% and c) 35,001 and above 45%).

Neoklis Neokleous

Legal Deputy Manager
Head of Real Estate Department

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