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Banking Law

The banking industry is, without a doubt, one of the most important and equally complex sectors of Greek economy. As expected, this is reflected in the legal framework that covers the function of financial institutions, making banking law a highly demanding area of law.

At Sioufas and Associates, we have significant experience in the entire spectrum of regulatory matters relating to banking law. From drafting banking and leasing contracts, corporate bond agreements and sale and leaseback agreements to dealing with more complex financial issues, such as as interest rate clauses, disputes between borrowers and creditors and transaction terms and conditions, our banking team has the necessary qualifications to handle our clients' cases with success.
Having a long experience in compulsory execution issues, our law firm is able to safeguard the creditors’ interests and deal with collaterals, standardized loan terms and issues concerning special purpose vehicles.

Our attorneys' expertise in the sector of restructuring finance and drafting contracts, enables our firm to keep up with the cutting edge developments of banking and corporate law.