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E-Commerce Law

E-commerce is certainly one of the fastest growing industries of the 21st century. The rapid rise of the Internet has taken transactions into a new era, where physical barriers are easily overcome.

Within an environment of globalized competition, the number of businesses that turn to e-commerce rises exponentially, due to its accessibility and cost-effectiveness. However, e-commerce has certain characteristics that make it a rather interesting subject from a legal perspective.

Sioufas and Associates Law Firm has a team of highly qualified attorneys in legal issues related to electronic commerce and electronic transactions. Offering integrated legal services inside and outside the courtroom, our attorneys cover our clients’ needs for simple and complex legal issues, such as:
• registration and protection of domain names
• drafting e-commerce terms
• advice on developing websites
• copyright protection on the internet
• website protection
• providing initial business and licensing agreements
• acquiring business methods and software patents
• meta-tags
• online financial services
• e-procurement services.