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Law Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is the area of law which deals with the protection of original work of human intellect, as they have been expressed in certain forms, e.g. songs, movies, books, photographs, computer programs, etc. It is a complicated area of law that is largely affected by technological developments.

Our intellectual property law department consists of highly qualified lawyers with rich experience in a broad spectrum of intellectual property issues. From trademark, patent and industrial design registration to national and international registrars to software protection, copyright and related rights, Sioufas and Associates safeguards your ideas and interests. Our attorneys are able to deal efficiently with complex intellectual property issues, such as drafting, revoking and annulling contracts of know-how transfer.

Our company has been recognized by the European Union's Intellectual Property competent office, EUIPO, as European Trademark Attorney.

Regardless of the nature of your needs, our attorneys’ qualifications and their perpetual training guarantee that you moral and property rights will be adequately protected.