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Internet Law

Internet and Information Technology law are perhaps the most rapidly developing, but also complex areas of law. The unprecedented possibilities offered by the Internet open new ways in the way we think, trade and communicate, but they also create a series of new legal issues.

We are particularly proud of our firm's rare experience in this area of law. Having realized the huge impact of the Internet on people's lives and habits rather early, Sioufas and Associates Law Firm has invested substantially in training our attorneys in issues related to Internet law. The scope of assistance ranges from dealing with:
• internet fraud
• cybersquatting
• website agreements
• online defamation
• advertising malpractice
• trademark and copyright infringement
• hacking
• spam lawsuits and spam law compliance
• privacy issues

Moreover, our firm is a pioneer both in technical innovations and in counseling on relevant legal issues, ensuring that our clients are always in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations.