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Unfair Competition Law

Modern companies conduct business in environments with increasing and multilateral competition. Responding to the challenges of our times, Sioufas and Associates Law Firm offers full coverage to its clients' needs concerning unfair competition issues.

Our specialized lawyers adopt an innovative yet realistic approach to your case, concentrating its efforts into finding the solution that will best meet your needs. Having an extensive experience in matters of free and unfair competition, state aid and mergers and acquisitions, our lawyers are able to:

• provide advise on the regulatory framework established by Law 3959/2011 “On the Protection of Free Competition” and by Law .146/1914 regarding “Unfair competition” as well as on the regime set by Articles 101 and 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (prohibited agreements, abuse of dominant position)

• exercise legal remedies concerning the violation of the national and European legislation

• deal with cases of unauthorized posting of labor force, unlawful imitation of products/services, misleading/comparative advertising, brand and domain name imitation.